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You can be practical, levelheaded + have a twin flame -it's not just woo woo

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

To be honest, I didn't believe in twin flames.

I thought twin flames were for fairytales, romance novels and people who were looking for someone to complete them.

Until I met mine.

And my world fell apart. That bubbly effervescent feeling when I was around him, and the sense that all was well when we'd sit and have a conversation blew me away.

I'd never had a connection this deep or a man who occupied so many of my thoughts.

And it didn't stop when he got a girlfriend and moved away.

The twin flame journey initiates deep healing of the woundedness and unconscious patterns we've accumulated over the years. And to do the inner work, you don't have to believe in anything different from what you believe in. If you're Christian, cool. If you're atheist fine. If you're spiritual without any particular religion, great. If you talk to fairies or aliens that works too.

The twin flame journey does not discriminate. You don't need to believe in anything new. Your eyes will be opened to whatever you need to know along the way.

The twin flame journey can be emotionally exhausting.

We get it!

You can be practical and approach the journey from a very clear -- he shows me where I'm afraid of being betrayed and abandoned perspective, or you can be woo woo and believe in all sorts of 5D activity.

It doesn't matter. You were created perfect for your twin flame journey. You're exactly where you need to be, even if it feels deep sad or challenging. Your soul/inner wisdom knows what it's doing. So relax. You don't have to believe anything that doesn't feel right to you. And certainly don't have to abandon practicality to be happily with your twin.

In fact, some twins get so caught up in their spiritual connection, trying to figure out what their twin is thinking all the time, and connecting with them on the higher realms, but we came into life to experience the physical, and ground that into 3-D reality. That includes changing your thought patterns, taking actions that expand our comfort zone, and speaking up - expressing to your twin.

Follow your own inner GPS. If something feels right to you, it is. For now. You can always readjust your actions, behaviors and beliefs as you get more information.

Want help learning to trust yourself? Schedule a session Here.

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