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Image by Aziz Acharki
Twin Flame Coaching

Shift into Love Sessions

When our twin is running - or triggers us in crazy ways, shifting back into love is what will change the dynamic. But it can be SO CHALLENGING! 

in these 45 minute sessions, you'll receive energy tactics and tools personalized to your situation so you can change your dynamic with yourSelf and with your twin.

A series is recommend, so that you can create new habits and patterns of thinking and behaving. 

Coaching Package ~ 8

Akashic Record Reading

Access the Support and Healing that Can Emerge from the Akashic Records

Heal, clear, and release old patterns and discover the past life sources of what you're currently experiencing through a guided journey into the Causal plane.

Together, we'll access the Akashic Records where there is a record of your soul's path through incarnations and which includes the lessons set in motion for this lifetime.

Akashic sessions can help you understand and let go of deeply rooted fears and negative/destructive patterns giving you the freedom to choose something different. 

We can also tap into some past life experiences with your twin so you can understand them (and yourself) and your interactions more fully. 

​Together we'll bring light and healing to the past, and tap into powerful healing power from angels and light beings.

You'll receive a recording of your session, so you can listen again.

If you'd like, as an add on, receive a guided Akashic Records experience that you can practice on your own.  

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