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Get to Know Me

Healer ~ Coach ~ Twin

Ever since I was a child, reading my mom's books on positive psychology and NLP, I knew I wanted to help people expand their lives and happiness levels.

I knew I didn't really want to be a psychologist like my mom, listening to people's problems all day, but when I discovered Reiki healing & coaching I knew I found my calling.  


I became Reiki certified in 2000, and I've been certified in over 14 other healing modalities. I’ve been a fully-certified Life Coaching Professional since 2004 when I both took a coaching course, and also mentored with a senior coach. I've had the amazing journey of facilitating workshops on energy and empowerment around the world, and helping clients across the globe.


When I met my twin, it was the most yummy connection I'd ever had. We could just connect and look in each others eyes and experience waves of bliss.

This unexpected deep connection turned my life upside down, causing me to look at where I wasn't living in alignment with what was true for me.


This included big things!

My marriage.

The way I was running my business.

The organization I was affiliated with.


I started having intuitive downloads of new tools and processes to use with clients.

And. I thought of him every day.

Which didn't stop even after he got a girlfriend.

And when he told me, it felt like claws across my heart. 

During that year of him being partnered, he'd reach out from time to time.

And pull back... Then, weeks later, he'd ask how I was doing.


At one point, I said something to the effect of, "Have a nice life."

But he responded with, "I can't imagine not having you as part of my life in some way."

Which was also true for me. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

This pain went on for 9 months until one day, late December he said, "You don't get it do you? I really like you, and I don't know what do with that."

I still didn't know he was my twin!

I just knew that he had the power to move me like no other person, into both emotional highs and lows.

I had tried to let go of him, reduce the suffering of not being with him, and NOTHING WORKED.

Finally, when I had my psychic development teacher tap into his energy for the 2nd time, she said, "I've sensed him before, haven't I?" I admitted she had & she said, "Honey, have you ever asked if he's your twin flame?"  

I had. When she'd texted me an article about twins. And that article had been the only thing that'd been my relief.

Knowing the true dynamic of the relationship made it much easier --despite the distance, both physically and emotionally. 

Now I have an amazing relationship with my twin. He still has the capacity to "get
me" and "poke" me more than anyone else.

And I now have the ability to ride the waves of bliss & challenge, using it all to receive and harmonize to more and more love. 

Let's embrace the twin relationship as the most epic journey possible in the life of a human being. Because it can be that.  It's worth it all.  And you're worth it. 

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