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Using Ho'oponopono as a mantra, progress through simple postures into powerful breathing practice for clearing energy. When you’re clear and relaxed, end with a deep and transformative Forgiveness Hut Meditation in which you’ll experience a powerful release process (in the way Ho’oponopono was traditionally done) to Harmonize the relationship with yourself, your twin, a karmic, or someone else you've had challenges with.


  1. Release long-held stories + traumas

  2. Unwind tension from the body + mind

  3. connect powerfully with yourself and/or your twin

  4. let go of the wounds you've been carrying

  5. Decrease stress

  6. Increase focus

  7. Cultivate vitality

  8. Calm your mind

  9. Rejuvenate your entire Being

Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, Kathy brings wisdom from over a decade of teaching and personal practice.


Release energetic binds that limit you.

​Relationship cords are energetic connections between us and another person that drain, and limit us from expressing and fully choosing what we would like to choose.

Throughout our lives, we unconsciously create cords with people, (and at first, they often feel good!) however if you feel drawn back into negative patterns with an ex, or have frustration with a loved one, often it's because of these cords.

Cords are sometimes described as unhealthy attachments that need to be energetically cut, as with a knife... yet, a Hawaiian shaman taught me other ways of releasing them because if you let these go just by “cutting” them, it can create health challenges and undesirable outcomes.

In this class, you'll learn:

How/why you become corded

2 ways of finding cords

3 ways of getting rid of them while honoring yourself and the other, and not creating more limitation in the process.

You'll also get:

- Audio + video Recordings of the whole class

- 3 Different Cord Release Practices

Bonus cord release meditation

Meditation to prevent being corded


Use this powerful transformative practice to help you release the old stuff, let go of negativity, as well as limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

If you're empathic, this is an important practice for you -- so you don't carry around people's heavy energy!!

Cleanse your energy and purify your  consciousness, letting go of karmic patterns that keep you from harmony with your twin

Raise your vibration and connection to the truth of who you truly are

Expand your inner radiance in all areas of your life.

The Hawaiians believe that we are each given a bowl of light, yet as time goes on, by engaging in negative thoughts and conversation, and through traumatic experiences, we collect rocks in our bowls.

Learn to empty the rocks, and embody your true light.

This class includes a recording, so you can repeat the practice when you like.

The word Kahuna indicates “mastery,” or more specifically, “self-mastery.”

A Kahuna is one who has access mystical knowledge. For generations, this wisdom was kept secret, handed down through families, to those who were ready, often through initiations, like the mystery schools of old.


Ho'oponopono is a powerful practice for letting go of the past and coming to peace.

It helps us transform tension we're carrying from challenging situations and old memories, lifting the burden you've carried and brings clarity and healing energy.

Forgiving the past - your past relationships, yourself, your family - will help you come more into alignment with the energy of your Soul.

This practice is especially useful for letting go of triggers in your twin flame relationship, by releasing any resentment you still hold for your twin.

Recently Ho'oponopono has come into popular culture as 4 phrases: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

While these phrases are a useful transformative practice, Ho'oponopono has a much greater depth. Living in Hawaii has given me the opportunity to study 5 different forms of Ho'opopono with Kahuna (shaman or really, those who Know) of Hawaii.


For nearly a decade, I've used 3 of those forms with clients and in my own life. It has transformed lives and relationships in countless ways-- eliminating stress and triggers, reducing anger, and bringing a deep sense of peace and inner freedom.

Ho'ponopono is, simply put, a supertool for mental freedom.

In this class, you'll learn my 3 favorite ways to use this practice in your life. ​

You'll get:

- 2 Hour Online Interactive workshop, video and audio

- BONUS Kalana (forgiveness hut) Ho’oponopono meditation recording 

- BONUS Higher self, conscious mind, + subconscious Ho’oponopono practice

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