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Powerful inner work - to connect with your twin flame

Mirror Work: Reflecting Your Inner World

Understanding the Mirror

When you notice traits in your twin flame that you dislike, consider them reflections of something you've repressed or disowned within yourself. Your judgments of them reveal your inner shadows. This isn't a cause for self-blame or shame but rather a roadmap guiding you to where you need to look at yourself.

  • She won’t commit to me Reflects: I won’t commit to myself—my dreams, my ideal job, finding healthy relationships and agreements, etc.

  • He needs to get help for his addiction Reflects: I need to get help from my addictive tendencies - perhaps these include obsessing over him, or dwelling on the past.

  • He shouldn't treat me in such a disrespectful way Reflects: I'm disrespecting my self in some ways. (Explore where that may be true)

Inner Child Work: Nourishing Your Inner Needs

Connecting with Your Inner Child

Reflect on the positive feelings you experienced at the beginning of your relationship with your twin flame. Maybe journal about those or list them on your phone. This exercise helps identify what feelings you really want, and what your inner child needs from you.

Did they make you feel a deep sense of peace and comfort?

Take a look: How can you create a sense of home and belonging for your inner child?

Did they make you feel expanded, excited, a better version of yourself or spiritually connected? Take a look at how you can allow your inner child to experience and connect with these qualities.

The Cry of Your Inner Child

The more you want your twin flame, the more your inner child is screaming for your attention. Spend time with your inner child, and you'll find the pull towards your twin flame more manageable.

How can you cultivate these feelings? Perhaps you can babysit, volunteer with children or animals. Give energy to your friends or family in a selfless way. If the purpose of a twin flame is to increase love on the planet, embrace venues and experiences that help you express love.

You don't need your twin flame to expand and bring your unique frequency of love to the earth.

Life Changes Work

In separation, you have the opportunity to make significant changes in your life. Your life has to wow you.

  • Get that divorce.

  • Change jobs.

  • Find real friends.

  • Get into nature.

With your twin flame gone, you have no choice but to cultivate your own joy. You now have time and space, and nothing else to lose. You've already "lost" the most important thing to you, so embrace the freedom to explore. Let what is not working and limiting beliefs die out.

Spiritual Work

A twin flame separation is a powerful motivator to learn about your spiritual gifts and talents. Use this time to check on your own and your twin's energy, send healing, and connect to their Higher Self. I cna help you with this. Consider taking a course in healing, meditation, like Reiki or any other modality that draws you.

Past Life Work

Most of us come in with impressions from the past. Almost everone is processing pain from past life versions of yourself. Past life insights through accessing the Akashic Records (either through this course) or with a session is a powerful way to learn about and understand the depth of your connection and why you are so drawn to your twin flame. THe Akashic Records will give you wisdom about how to move forward. Even if you aren't together in this lifetime, you might be in the next. There are many lives to live, and not being together won't damage you— unless you continue to obsess, mope and dwell on your challenges with them.

Combining these healing methods will be the most effective way to find peace and possibly reunite with your twin flame, though we cannot know if that is for the highest good for all.

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