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What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA ©

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

And her book!!!!!! link to get it 😉What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA © 1/29/What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA ©

A Twin Flame is NOT a concept. It is DIVINE TRUTH!!

The SACRED Twin Flame Reunion is the Divine truth of Creation.

It is naturally always referred to as a Twin Flame Reunion, describing the Reunion of the ONE soul for the Earth experience. Twin Flames are also referred to as tonal mates because they share the exact same frequency of Soul Vibration.

To truly understand what Twin Flames are, is to understand Creation. How you are Created by Divine Source. Each and every one of you is a Twin Flame and has a Twin Flame in the understanding of this "ONE SOUL" awareness. yes!! That is how you are created as a SOUL by Divine Source, for the perfect experiencer4 of Duality on Planet earth, either the masculine charge or the feminine charge of ONE Soul.

In this Creation you all have the potentiality to magnetize your Twin Flame to you, due to the exact frequency of Soul Signature. Your unique frequency is as unique as a snowflake, there is no-one else in the entire cosmos that shares that

uniqueness with you, except your Beloved Twin Flame.

Many are magnetizing their Twin Flame at this time of ascension on Planet Earth, in conscious spirtual soul awareness.

Many may have met their Twin Flame without conscious soul recognition due to the reflection of their level of consciousness i.e. if their consciousness is naturally deeply embedded into the strong projection of duality programming, they will have no "heart" or soul recognition of the Twin Flame.

The “SOUL” experience of the Twin Flame Reunion is therefore naturally dependent on the level of spiritual and soul awakening and expanded conciousness of each individual. Each Soul’s journey is unique and individual. Where every Soul is experiencing this Creation, is all the perfection of the expansive process of Life itself. As Twin Flames experience a higher consciousness expansion of SOUL alignment, in their unique SOUL journey, they naturally have a deeper Soul recognition of each other, and then also may have a SOUL remembrance of their mission and begin to transcend patterns and programmes of limitation, naturally offering a new VIBRATION of unconditional love to each other and, of course, therefore the world.

One does not have to be “balanced” or ”awakened” to magnetize their Twin Flame. Many may meet the Twin Flame and have a spiritual awakening of creative expansion. Once again, each Soul’s experience of the Twin Flame journey is unique and individual. There is no "egoic" purpose for the Reunion, it is purely, from a higher consciousness awareness, a potentiality for being with the perfect Godmate of SACRED Creation, no matter what level of consiousness, and to know yourself as a SOUL on Earth, beyond limitation of mental concepts and separation consiousness.

The Teachings of “The Twin Flame Sacred Keys” offer the complete ONE SOUL "vibrational" understanding of Twin Flames for the Earth Reunion, guiding you to a Reunion of balance, peace and true UNDERSTANDING of the SELF, therefore the

Twin Flame, beyond egoic projection. For the Sacred Soul Alignment.


Copyright © LIORA, all rights reserved This article may be reproduced in its entirety if author is clearly stated and article remains intact and is not changed in any way. This article must remain in its written format and remain free to access. NO permission is granted to change or alter the format in any way.

Note- Liora transitioned several years ago but you can get her full book here:

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