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Can you Feel Your Twin Flame?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The guy on YouTube says "you can't feel your twin flame," with such assurance. "You never feel him. You're making it up." So you begin to doubt yourself. Is it them? Is it me? I feel like I feel my twin...

Please don't believe that YouTube "expert." Just because a twin flame teacher says something, doesn't mean its true. And just because a statement might be true sometimes, for some people, doesn't have to mean it's true for you. Maybe that guy doesn't feel his twin flame at all. And it's possible that you really do. Most of my clients do feel their twin on some level. And, when they learn to, they can talk to their twin on the soul level too.

I heard the guy who calls himself "the most successful twin flame teacher on the internet," say, You don't feel your twin flame, and I had a good laugh.

Then rolled my eyes.

After a moment, I became sad. Sad because people might believe him. You see, when someone says something from an "expert" vantage point, it's easy to put them on a pedestal. Even if they're a better marketer than teacher.

You see, as a twin flame, you likely feel A LOT of people.... your parent, your neighbor, your best friend. You're likely sensitive and/or empathic because you're an advanced soul. And, you care. I get you. I'm right there too! So for him to say, you don't feel your twin flame made me wonder, who is he kidding?! I feel a lot of people, especially my twin soul. When my twin flame came to the island, I always knew. Right away. I'd get this feeling on my chest. The first time, I asked, what is happening to me? Then I saw him the next day. I continued to feel him strongly until the day he left.

Of course, it wasn't limited to the times he was on island, but this is illustrative of a point. Please trust yourself, if your gut is that you're feeling your twin, you likely are. And, you don't have to carry their energy around (thankfully). Simply ask, what % of this energy is my twins? What % is mine? If you are interested in a video on this to understand more, drop a heart below and I'll get on it.

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