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The 4 possibilities for your twin flame future

Updated: May 31, 2023

You found that you have a twin flame. Now what?

There are 4 possibilities....

1) You remain in the runner / chaser dynamic. Never really finding lasting connection with them, you remain in a sort of yearning or dissatisfaction. A large percentage of twin flames remain in the runner chaser cycle for years, simply because they aren't doing the work to come into alignment.

2) You come into a sense of peace within yourself, in which you're happy with or without your twin in your life. You are neutral about whether they are in contact or not because your life is so fulfilling. There are twin flame teachers out there who say it's not possible to be happy without your twin. They're full of BS. In fact, becoming happy without your twin is the easiest way to magnetize your twin flame back into your life.

3) You switch timelines so that this person who was once your twin flame is not your twin flame anymore. They are just as neutral as the person you had a crush on in middle school. They are no longer your twin counterpart because you have literally changed timelines. (This is very rare, and takes commitment to upgrading your energy system, but can be done!)

4) You come into joyful Union with your twin soul counterpart. Often times, people think about coming into Union as in the romantic context, but there have also been successful twin flame relationships as best friends, business partners and other types of twin flame connections. In this infinite universe, romance is not the only context for twin flames to have a relationship. (Sorry if that bursts any bubbles, but it's the truth.)

If you would like to have harmony in your twin flame relationship, I invite you to a coaching call with me.

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