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A Prayer to Meet Your Twin Flame

Updated: Jun 17

Take a moment to imagine being in your ideal relationship. Let this energy fill your cells. This is an important part of the prayer process.

Dear God,

I ask You and the Romance Angels help me call in my True Twin Flame and cultivate the highest version of Your love. Please give me clarity and guidance about what is for my highest good, and thank you for uniting me with my true twin flame. I feel my true love deep within my body and soul, connected, aligned, and radiant. I send this energy out to my twin, and I thank you for delivering this pure love to my beloved as a sacred message. Aengus and Aphrodite, male and female deities embodying beauty and loveliness, thank you for uniting my twin and me in a bond of sacred connection in the higher realms.

Thank you for guiding us to meet on the earthly plane.

Thank you for facilitating our perfect union as lovers on planet earth. Thank you for guiding, clarifying and sanctifying my love life. May my whole life be an embodiment of love, and may our relationship be an example and an inspiration radiating divine love to all we come to meet.

So be it, and so it is. Amen, amen, amen.

Need twin flame help? I'm like a big sister to twin flames. I help make the journey easier.

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