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Updated: Jun 17, 2023


1. You met when you least expected it and sense such a

profound soul connection. A chance spontaneous encounter that left you with a deeper curiosity and wondering. A deep desire to find out more intimate details about them as soon as possible.

2. You feel a completeness and fulfillment in relating on every level possible. Naturally with that dynamic, the sexual chemistry is extremely heightened. You may have a perception shift of a deeper clarity to understanding life and love.

3. There may be a sense, in the relating, where you feel a shift in vibration and a tingling sensation that seems to make sure you really take notice of the level of connection on a deeper spiritual level.

4. There is a sense of desiring a deeper level of intimacy,

requiring total transparency. In a way like never before of sensing the soul

closeness knowing they are you on some level.

5. You notice certain parallels in life events such as marriages, children’s ages, divorces etc. and turning points at similar timing.

6. Upon sharing, you become aware that your paths could have crossed before or have already without realizing it.

7. You feel a very deep sense of familiarity, like you have known each other forever. A natural flow in relating occurs. Feeling a sense of no-time when sharing with each other on every level.

This is a guide. Of course each soul’s journey is unique and individual.

If you would like to know how to understand yourself as VIBRATION only and align the ONE soul, the Teachings Collection are available for instant download (only one twin flame is required to balance for the aligning ).

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