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Are they your Twin Flame? 2 Simple Ways to Find Out

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

You've met this person and they've made the world seem magical! Are they your twin flame? You could go to all sorts of psychics to find out (many of whom will have different messages) or you can ask the Universe in a beautiful, specific way.

2 Simple Ways to Find Out if They are Your Twin Flame

  1. Center yourself. Take some deep breaths and ask everyone's viewpoint and opinion to take a step back (including your own).

  2. Now ask the Universe to show you 3 of something if you're truly twin flames. 3 Flamingos, 3 Swans, 3 surfboards. (Please see the important note below about this!)

3. Ask the Universe to show you 3 of something if you're not twin flames. Bunny rabbits, peacocks, whatever.

4. Specify that you would like to see your sign within 3 days. So if it's Sunday, say, "If he's my twin soul, please show me 3x this by Wednesday. If he is not, please show me 3 of this other thing by Wednesday."

An important note: Please choose something you don't see all the time! Don't use the items I listed -use things that come from inspiration. Inspiration is from Spirit. Not from the mind. You want to make sure it will be something that is a surprise. If you live near the ocean, don't say, "Please show me 3 sea gulls." You could ask for swans or eagles instead.

Ask for an unusual sign. One that you don't see often and not common in this time of year.

Want some help with this? The closer you get to the vibration of your soul, the more you magnetize your twin flame. I'm here to help you do that, and to help prevent the challenges that can arise. Schedule a chat.

This is a co-creation between you and God (the Universe) - TOGETHER you've selected your items. Together you'll play hide and seek.

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