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The Journey Is Mostly - But Not ALL About Energy

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Some twin flame sites seem to suggest that you can change the relationship with your twin by simply listening to recordings of energy clearings while you drift off, not even consciously participating while these recordings upgrade your energy. Ummm. Yes and no. We know the power of intention, and energy clearing is important on our journey… After all, you - we - everything- is energy. And that we pick up negative vibes along the way that must be purged so we can be our highest frequency.

That said, simply listening to a recording won’t do everything for you.

In fact, what most twin flame guides won't tell you is that if you breathe into each chakra when listening to a chakra clearing meditation, you will accomplish much, much more of the clearing you’re asking for. (They don't say that because they don't know!)

Please don't think we're dissing energy healing. It's a powerful practice!

Yet to suggest that by listening to someone's calming voice and intending to heal, it will change everything in your twin dynamic, does a disservice to twins. As a sidenote, the primary person on the internet promoting meditative healing recordings for twins has not actually met her twin in real life (at least in this lifetime)! She knows her twin only in the energetic planes. Which was a real bummer for me to learn. Someone telling you, "I've cried so many tears over my twin," when she never even met him as a person in real life - and isn't transparent about that until you buy an expensive course.

Energy clearing can be a daily practice AND we need to buckle down and do the work – speaking up, releasing our old beliefs and triggers, looking at where we’re out of alignment with ourselves, and making changes in the physical world.

Sometimes this even means BIG hairy change - divorce, a move, coming out of the closet... you name it.

Taking these actions changes energy too! And aligns you to more of who you truly are.

So next time you're in a challenging place about your twin, yes, do what you can to change the energy, and also see if the occurrence is inviting you to change an old habit, story or belief about yourself. Or is it inviting you to behave in a way that is totally different than your old pattern?

The twin journey will stretch us. It's designed to pull us out of our comfort zone, and away from the things that seemed to work, but actually didn't.

You ARE supported by the universe every step of the way. If you don't feel it, please reach out. I know how crazy it can feel to be a twin. Yet it can also be empowering, life-expanding and even blissful.

The closer you get to the vibration of your soul, the more you magnetize your twin. I'm here to help you do that. Schedule a chat with me.

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