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God/The universe Loves You SO Much that it gave you a Mirror

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Your twin may not always treat you with the same kindness and respect that a normal relationship would. And that can be frustrating to no end!

But the beauty is that they mirror back to you exactly where you need to heal. They show you what is out of resonance with unconditional love, and in so doing, it shines a light on what to clean up inside yourself.

Here’s an example. Say, your twin asks what you want in bed. But then never gives it to you, even though they’ve asked several times, and even though you’re willing to do anything they want! This seems so unfair. "After all, don't they love me?" Yes. So much that they're giving you the information that somewhere— you’re not willing to give Yourself what You want.

So inquire into it. What is my twin mirroring back to me?

If they discount you and your advice, where are you discounting yourself? Or not valuing Your own wisdom?

If you're looking outside of you for love and validation, often that's just the time they'll decide, I'm going to go over here, and love this other person. And then as you drop the need and come into a sense of not needing the Divine Masculine in order to feel happy, whole, complete... he comes knocking.

Trust me on this one. They are always mirroring. So, ask, reflect, and be open to the wisdom that arises.

If you need some help with this, click here and we’ll have a conversation. Once you heal the painful places that they are showing you, you see each trigger as a gift. Thank you for loving me enough to show me the wounds that I’ve buried away. And by bringing them to light, I can become more of who I truly am. And love all of it. Unconditionally.

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