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7 Elements Of Twin Flame Relationship

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

A twin flame relationship is primarily for soul growth. There's often a mission you have come to do together (usually, though not always, some type of work). Romance is just the cherry on top. You could consider it a reward for all that self-growth!

  1. While many twins connect romantically, some twins choose to stay friends or have a business together.

  2. A twin flame relationship may be very hot and cold… You may have periods in which you are apart. The periods of separation are often referred to as the runner/chaser dynamic. Check out the other articles about this dynamic in the blog

  3. A Twin Flame often will trigger your deepest wounds, so you can look at them and heal them. Are you feeling triggered by your twin flame? Get help here

  4. Being with your twin usually feels like coming home, because they are a vibratory match with your soul’s essence. You feel like home to them too!

5. You may have many soul mates, but only one twin flame. (Sometimes people confuse a twin flame with a karmic because there are several of the same signs, but there is only one true twin.)

6. Usually meeting one’s twin triggers a period of self-growth, deeper introspection, and shedding of the relationships, roles and experiences that are not in true alignment with who you really are. It can be a period of huge changes and can be intense - it’s useful to get support from people who have been there! Get help here

7. As you do your self growth with Ho'oponopono, tapping, meditation, and other spiritual practices, the twin flame journey becomes easier and you become less emotional and less triggered, both with your twin flame and also in other areas of your life!

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