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Why does my Twin Soul affect me so much?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Ahhh. Your twin was designed to bring up your deep woundedness. And this may like a curse, but it is really a gift!

Consider him your soul‘s friend.

You may like to tell yourself now, "he is my soul‘s friend."

How does that feel?

Remember, no matter how hard it feels - you can handle anything that comes up for you.

Girl, you signed up for this.

Granted, it’s super intense! So intense that most of us wish, from time to time, we hadn’t agreed to have a twin flame.

Make it stop! How do I get rid of this?

Yep. The intensity can drive us to wish it all away.

(I feel you - if you need to chat, click here.)

But it’s all for a purpose.

His behavior, his (non)communication, his distance, and the obstacles you both face help you see the places where you are not free, not loving, not seeing the beauty of the present moment.

If you’re unable to be happy and present in the moment, unable to respond instead of reacting to what shows up, there are places to heal!

Your journey, even though it doesn’t feel like it, is perfectly designed to show you those places. So you can resolve those and come into the embrace of divine love.

Fully and wholly.

In truth, you are the love you seek. It's available right now.

It's the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns that we've collected along the way that block us from feeling the presence of that love.

This is why Ho'oponopono, energy clearing, tapping and other practices are so useful. To dissolve the barriers you've created to love - and thus, to harmony with your twin.

I've been a coach and healer for 20 years, and have an amazing knack for helping zero in on what healing tools will be most effective for your particular situation. Book a session here.

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