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Understand THIS & everything will change in your twin flame connection

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So often as a twin flame, it's easy to look at our twin and think THEY are causing drama.

I get it.

However, if you point a finger at them, 3 more are pointed back at you. If YOU are feeling upset, it's because Your mind is creating drama. Stories. Judgment. Conflict.

If only he'd reach out, the mind says.... if only I hadn't done that....and on, and on, and on.

It's your mind creating the drama. Which is amazing!

Because when you really get that, you can also uncreate them. You pull your power back. Realize whatever you're telling yourself - maybe we'll never be together, it's terrible that he's living with his girlfriend, I can't stand that he ghosts me.... is a story.

Your mind is judging circumstances as bad, wrong or undesirable.

This is the ego.

Your spirit/soul doesn't see it that way....

Spirit is relaxed about what's happening, knowing it's all part of the journey. All is well. Truly.

(Enter your info above for a process that you can download and remind yourself to come back to center.)

You have a choice as to how to feel.

And you as begin to choose to feel that all really is well more of the time, you attract your twin closer. Because your twin flame is repelled by ego energy, and attracted to you as you become more of who you truly are. This is the route to harmonious twin flame union.

The twin flame journey is a journey of ascension up the vibrational scale - from fear to unconditional love. This is twin flame ascension. Embodying Love more and more.

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