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The ONE THING that will bring your Twin Closer

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

If you've met your twin, and you're in twin flame separation, you know what it's like to long for them. Endlessly!

That blissful feeling, the sense of deep connection. It's like no other relationship.

And - if you've been apart for a while, you know the longing doesn't ease up. It deepens.

Until-- you take your focus off of them. Off being with them, manipulating to get them back, being in contact, even "healing" yourself so you'll finally be a vibrational match.

All those things indicate the energy of fear is present.

And fear is what repels your twin, keeping your twin soul away.

That's not fun to hear, but if you want to be magnetic, you can't be in fear. That repels, it doesn't attract.

So what can we do?

Whenever fear comes up....

Whenever you have the need to check yet another Youtube twin tarot reading, to text, or to agonize that they're in a relationship with someone else or insert-habit-here... come back to this present moment.

If you're happy - in this moment now - not needing your twin (neediness is never fun in any relationship), you're more aligned with the vibration of your soul. And thus, more aligned with your twin.

This happened again and again in my own relationship. When I was happy without him, my twin would miraculously bound out of nowhere into my orbit. "Hey, how are you?" "Want to do dinner?"

Because it's about you aligning to love. Aligning to your true nature.

Aligning with your soul's essence -- which is not needy, fearful, or full of angst allows your twin to align with your soul too!

Get happy. Realize that underneath the clouds of fear, you're already in Union (yeah yeah, my head knows that but it's not the yummy feeling). So tap into your Soul's love. Or you can do it by asking to tap into your twin's soul's love for you. Just by asking. Twin flame meditations are powerful for healing the sadness, the pain and realigning to love.

After all, this journey is about divine unconditional love.

Embody that, again and again, and life gets better. I have an exercise on the blog that can help with this. Find it Here

The closer you get to the vibration of your soul, the more you magnetize your twin.

I'm here to help you do that.

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