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In Separation? Want Union? Do NOT Call or Text! Unless....

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This advice is for twin flames in separation. Other relationships are very different and require different advice.

The impulse is strong. We want to connect. They haven't been in touch for SOOO long, it's crazy-making!

Even though it may not feel like it, giving them -and yourself- space is a valuable gift, that has the power to change the dynamics of the twin flame relationship, and ultimately bring you closer.

1) If he wanted to be in touch, he would. Give him space. Space to miss you.

Space to process his own emotions and triggers.

Space to heal.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Can't give space? Take a look at the neediness within you. What beliefs do you have that are creating the intense NEED to reach out. Where is there codependency? Start here. Process those beliefs with tapping, with energy clearing, with any tools you have.

2) Chasing turns the other twin into a runner. If you stop chasing, he can stop running. (snooping on his social media pages + looking at what he “likes” still counts as chasing - energetically!!). Men are hunters. Pursuers. They like a challenge.

If you’re always in his space, you’re not a challenge.

If you give him space, he’ll feel it— and start to wonder, where is she?

What happened?

This makes it more likely that he’ll turn around and pursue You!

This may take some time, or very little.

It bears repeating: If you’ve been pursuing, you’re actually playing a masculine role, which doesn’t allow him to fully embody his masculine. Both of you are seeking wholeness. Allow him to step into a different role by letting go of the old pattern. Masculine energy loves a chase. That is the DM job. Feminine energy is receptive. Learn to soften and receive more.

Let him do the pursuing (yang energy). You receive by answering the text or call (yin energy). But only answer if you are in an untriggered frame of mind!!

Trust. He is linked to you eternally.

You NOT reaching out will NOT break the connection.

You can't lose him.

Work on yourself to up your vibes and that will bring him closer, faster.

Now - By examining whether you're coming from a place of fear, or a "push" energy, you'll get information as to whether you should reach out.

Because if you're getting an inner nudge that isn't driven by fear, but rather is guided by a sense of love and wellbeing, then DO IT, even if you feel funny.

Follow those intuitive impulses.

Note: For some people it's hard to differentiate - which is my intuition, and which is not. If this is you, schedule a clarity session and we'll do an exercise that helps you know. Because there is an inner difference, even for people who think they can't tell the difference!

For more advice about reaching out (or not) look for the upcoming blog post called Popular Twin Flame Advice You Shouldn't Follow. Sign up for updates below

Is twin flame separation draining you emotionally? I know the feeling--and have the tools to help! Schedule a healing session with me.

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