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How to Drive Yourself CRAZY as a Twin Flame

Updated: May 31, 2023

Is he thinking of me? Did I say the wrong thing? Is he with someone else?

Who is she…. Is she prettier than me? Does he even care about me? Did he ever?

What are they doing.... Look at his photos he looks so happy -- without me. There's no hope.

All of this mental chatter is crazy making, and does nothing to get you to union.

Another word for a twin flame is, mirror soul. So let’s take the analogy of a mirror.

If you’re freaked out and you look in the mirror, does the image pleasantly smile back at you? No. It looks upset too.

How do you get the mirror to look at happy and connected? You get there -hum a happy tune, think good thoughts, affirm what you desire and the mirror comes with you, simultaneously.

So how do you get to union? You, clear all the fear. The fear is what’s creating the chatter. Essentially all of the chatter comes down to one thing…

The Fear: Does he love me?

Here‘s the answer. Yes.

Now, you can see that you have fear, and you’ve probably already seen his. Clean up your fear, and his will change simultaneously. His fear may not show up in the way that yours has. Often for the masculine twin (masculine in energy - not necessarily sex) the fear shows up as running, either physically, emotionally, hopping into another relationship, or ghosting. But...

his fear is resonant with yours. Them showing fear can help you see yours. And, deep down, your fear is parallel. "I'm not good enough." "I might lose them and never experience that amazing bubbly love again."

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