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Get the twin flame runner to become the chaser

Updated: May 31, 2023

Get the runner to become the chaser? This may be easier than it sounds!

Let's imagine the idea of a playground. If you're running after a child, the game is to keep running. They will run, and hide and have a good time. However - if you stop chasing them, they stop running. They may even get curious-- where are you? What are you doing?

The more you let go, the easier it is to come. The best thing you can do to draw in your twin flame is to become the star of your own show. This happened to me in my own life. My twin wanted space, so I gave it to him. And - my only text to him when he asked for space was. "Ok." What did I do? Travel. Talk with friends. Enjoy my family. Read books. Go to the beach. Change up my diet. Date someone else. He then reached out 3.5 months later (in the middle of my date). And that lead to our reunion.

In other words, do your own thing. Stop letting your twin be the central player. Stop having them as the focus of your life.

Let yourself be the leading lady, celebrating life, enjoying life, allowing and letting go.

This journey is about learning to be unconditionally loving. What that means is - loving them no matter where they are, no matter who they're with.

And loving yourself. Loving your own life. This is hard to do when we've zoomed a microscope in on their life.

People gravitate toward the leading lady. She is not needy, she's powerful. She knows her value. She knows she is supported by the cast, by the crew, by the audience. So know it. Perhaps even think right now.... who is a movie star -or character - you admire? How would she behave in this situation? Embody that attitude. Be her for a day or week or month.

What actions would she take? Work out? Do art? Visit a museum? Take an online class?

Do that

By doing that, you'll take your focus off him to make you happy, and onto your own magnificent life.

You'll be creating more joy, more alignment, and more of what you want.

Becoming more soul-aligned is exactly what you need to do in order to attract him back.

You do you. And expect to attract him. Because you will.

If you need help with any of this,

Schedule a chat with me. I get how hard this can do -- And you are fully strong enough. You can do hard things.

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