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Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine Shiva-Shakti

Updated: May 31, 2023

I'm writing this on a special day. Today is the day said to be the darkest night of the year _not the longest, that's in December, but the darkest day falls on the new moon in late February/ early March. On this day there is a celebration the merging of the divine masculine and divine feminine-- Shivaratri.

You can take advantage of the energy on the planet by making it a day of connecting inward, with meditation, even fasting, with the aim and outcome of greater spiritual growth.

Taking your senses, which are generally outwardly focused into the world of illusion, inward itself is the merging of yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva, divine feminine and masculine....and in Hindu Mythology this is the day on which Shiva, divine masculine, and Parvati, divine feminine, came into Union, merging as one.

If you can take some time to go inward today... and the days following, it will be a great gift to your twin flame Union.

People observe fast during the day, do prayers and meditate, and at night they honor Shiva who is known as the first true spiritual teacher and first taught the practices of meditation, and in the morning they finish their fast.

Chanting of “Om Namah Shivaya”is done to help create a relaxed and spacious mind.

The greater meaning of this chant is...I honor and bow to pure consciousness itself. Chanting this for a long period of time purifies the mind and heart.

The name Shivaratri is defined as follows:

Shiva means All-knowing, All-powerful, All-pervading universal consciousness. This is your true nature, and connecting with this helps you attract your twin flame, because you've let go of all the things that keep you from true unconditional love.

Ratri means night/darkness. It symbolizes ignorance and the ego. The illusion "I am separate from divine love".

It's this illusion that keeps you from your twin flame. Because if you think you're separate from divine love, you will be!! You are never separate from divine love, it resides in your heart and in every cell of your Being. But not knowing this is the great cosmic illusion or Maya.

Meditation is the gift that helps us come out of this illusion. Some great ways to meditate are sitting in silence and taking your awareness to awareness. Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Rupert Spira teach this on YouTube, and are great guides. Find the teacher who resonates with you.

If your mind or your heart are too agitated for this, listening to crystal bowls or to chanting will be very useful.

You can also practice walking meditation, as suggested by the late monk, Thich Naht Hahn. Traditionally breathing practices have been used to quiet the mind, however dancing is another great cathartic activity that can also help still the mind for meditation.

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