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Are you trying to follow this Bad Twin Flame Advice?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

There’s something special about a twin flame relationship.

Which means it requires special advice.

Regular relationship advice just won’t cut it. Friends and loved ones will often advise us to break it off, saying, "you deserve better." And you may deserve better than the way he's acting now. But you treating yourself better, learning to judge yourself less, and

And – if you’re like many of my clients… You may have received bad advice from twin flame books and websites as well!!

Advice like, don't think about him. Ever tried this? It's pretty much impossible. The more you try not to, the more you end up thinking of him! And- by trying to follow this advice, you then end up feeling guilty for not following it very well. Get help now

You're thinking of him for a reason. He is a catalyst for your growth. Pulling you to come more into alignment with your essence. The truth of who you really are. And drawing you to align to unconditional love.

Then there's the suggestion I once read in a book for twin souls: "Tell him you love him as often as possible." Ummm....

Well, maybe... but not if he has ghosted you, is unresponsive, or is already overwhelmed. Then telling him you love him at every opportunity is a GREAT way to scare him off. Especially if you tell him at every opportunity. No. Just no. Unless you want him to think you're a crazy person.

Then there's the advice to avoid your twin for 6 months, not saying anything.

Maybe so, maybe not. This depends on your state of mind and energy, and intention for reaching out.

There's a twin flame 'guru' even advising people to change their gender, and the list of bad advice goes on and on.

And I get it! We will do ANYTHING to get that yummy connected love again. (One twin coaching program is $40,000... and they say, "oh you're not willing to pay that? You must not be committed.") You can be committed to a happy Union with your twin, just by resolving that, here and now.

So- don't lose sight of the wisdom YOU have.

The guru is only valuable if they point you back to the truth and essence of You.

Which is that you are equipped for this journey.

ou signed up for it.

You can do it. Even if it's hard.

I'm not saying don't get help. By all means, do. Help can make it so much easier!

We can all use a big sister figure with some useful tips, insight and guidance.


Anyone who pressures you,

anyone who says they have the answer,

anyone who says you have to do their program to get your twin back....

is a Bully

People who are truly spiritual, wise, and in touch, won't say things like that.

Because people who are truly in integrity and have insight into the twin flame journey know that your soul has it's own roundabout path to union.

There is not just one way.

So if advice feels off, trust your gut. Even if they have 100,000 followers.

Follow what you sense is true - for YOU.

And if there's too much confusion and unclarity in your world,

I've got your back on that. Let's change it

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