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Avoid Online Readings during Twin Flame Separation (Here's Why)

Updated: May 31, 2023

Addicted to online readings? I was there too. 2-3 readings a day. Trying to figure out: When will he reach out? How does he feel? What's going on with him? Is he still in that relationship?

Here's the thing. My focus was in the wrong place. Needing readings from someone who is not even tapping into YOUR energy, gives you all the information you need to know.

What information? Well, needing to check "how does he feel?" "Will he reach out?" "Does he love me?" "Is he with someone else?" Trying to get any of this info from readings means you're in fear based energy. Fear keeps your twin flame away. Love and trust in the universe attracts them back.

So here's the bad news: constantly needing online readings shows that you are not in a place to get your twin flame back.

Here's the good news: It can change in an instant. (Read more below)

As you shift the focus to love more and more, your mind will let go of the need to check for validation. You'll sense from within that you are coming into Union.

Reason 2 to not check online readings is they often give misleading information. You hear, he's going to reach out, but the reality doesn't match up. Then disappointment comes. These readings can also make you doubt, second guess, and feel like you did something to mess up the connection.

Avoid Tarot Reading during Twin Flame Separation
3 Reasons to Avoid Tarot Reading during Twin Flame Separation

Finally, these readings can even lead you to project into the future, things that will or won't happen. That is a very dangerous thing. Because the Universe rearranges itself to match what you've projected -- ie, you attract that because that's what you've decided, and your energy becomes a match to it. Instead, put on an Abraham YouTube. Or a tapping YouTube! Move the energy and the fear-based energy.

Instead, align with your soul.

This meditation will also help you clear out what prevents you from accessing your own intuition.

Align with a higher vibration.

You can do this through gratitude practices, through chanting, journaling, meditation, dance, art, running.

Whatever it takes to get there.

But not chocolate, shopping, Netflix!!

Be careful about aligning with what some elementary tarot reader has read on Instagram. As a lightworker, I trained in 2 different psychic schools-- and I can easily say that there are many intuitive out there that are not worth listening to. You really have to be careful who you trust when it comes to this because someone who gives you the wrong information can add years to your twin flame separation. I know twins who were separated for a decade because they listened to the wrong information.

When you join the email list, feel free to send in your questions, and I'll answer them in future blogs. Thank you! The twin flame journey is not easy, but you're strong enough for it. How do I know that? You wouldn't be on this journey if you weren't.


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