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5 Common Twin Flame Myths

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

1) Your twin flame relationship is supposed to be romantic

For some couples it is. For others, it can be a deep friendship or a business partnership

And for some couples it can be all of the above-- a yummy romantic partner, a great friend, and a helpful business partner.

2) Everyone has a twin flame that's on this planet.

Some twin flames specifically stay back on the higher planes, to do their work and assist from there. Here's a prayer to meet your twin flame

3) Your twin matches you perfectly.

You and your twin may have much in common, including values and goals, but often, twins have contrasting perspectives on different issues, or come from different backgrounds. This allows the soul to have a variety of experiences (because you share the same soul vibration). Coming from a different perspective also allows your twin to stretch you, and expand your zone of what you are comfortable with, or what kind of person is appropriate to love -- for example, perhaps you wouldn't normally choose people of that age group, weight, gender or culture.

4) Twin flame Union is Hard to Attain

It doesn't have to be! This really depends on the amount of self love and healing that you do. If your twin "isn't ready, YOU aren't ready. So it may be worthwhile to look at - where do I not feel ready? And use the circuit breaker tool, or Belief Busters to change those sabotaging beliefs. Tapping is great too!

5) Your Twin Is the Only Person You can be happy With

Many twin flames find happiness marrying a soul mate. You get to choose what works for you. Just because you have a twin flame doesn't mean you have to leave a relationship that works for you. Again, back to item 1... there are many people who have had their twin in roles as a best friend, a confidant, a business partner. Romance is just one of the possibilities.

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