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Ho'oponopono Yoga

Ho'oponopono Yoga

Using Ho'oponopono as a mantra, progress through simple postures into powerful breathing practice for clearing energy. When you’re clear and relaxed, end with a deep and transformative Forgiveness Hut Meditation in which you’ll experience a powerful release process (in the way Ho’oponopono was traditionally done) to Harmonize the relationship with yourself, your twin, a karmic, or someone else you've had challenges with.


Release long held stories + traumas

Unwind tension from the body + mind

connect powerfully with yourself and/or your twin

let go of the wounds you've been carrying

Decrease stress

Increase focus

Cultivate vitality

Calm your mind

Rejuvenate your entire Being

Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, Kathy brings wisdom from over a decade of teaching and personal practice.


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