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Healing and Forgiving with Ho'oponopono

Healing and Forgiving with Ho'oponopono

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Ho'oponopono is a practice of forgiveness and release.  And so much more than just 4 phrases!! 


I got this message after  Ho'oponopono class…


My relationship “issues” disappeared after last nights class and I’ve been loving my man and ‘us together’ more than I’ve done for a long time!!  This Ho’oponopono really works magically!  ~JG


We all have painful experiences in our past. If there are any that are still unresolved, they can create energetic blockages especially if you’re holding onto guilt,resentment, and blame.  When you still have people or memories that evoke these, you’re Still hurting yourself, Based on the past. Ho’oponopono can help you release these