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Bowl of Light - An Ancient Hawaiian Shamanic Practice

Bowl of Light - An Ancient Hawaiian Shamanic Practice

Use this powerful transformative practice to help you release the old stuff, let go of negativity, as well as limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

If you're empathic, this is an important practice for you -- so you don't carry around people's heavy energy!!

-Cleanse your energy and purify your consciousness, letting go of karmic patterns that keep you from harmony with your twin

-Raise your vibration and connection to the truth of who you truly are

-Expand your inner radiance in all areas of your life.

The Hawaiians believe that we are each given a bowl of light, yet as time goes on, by engaging in negative thoughts and conversation, and through traumatic experiences, we collect rocks in our bowls.

Learn to empty the rocks, and embody your true light.

This class includes a recording, so you can repeat the practice when you like.

The word Kahuna indicates “mastery,” or more specifically, “self-mastery.”

A Kahuna is one who has access mystical knowledge. For generations, this wisdom was kept secret, handed down through families, to those who were ready, often through initiations, like the mystery schools of old.

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