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What to do if your twin is with someone else

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

If your twin is already in a relationship with someone else, it can feel devastating, like you’re missing your opportunity to be together.

This is a lie.

This other relationship may actually be a gift in disguise.

This obstacle that is (seemingly) keeping you apart is giving you valuable healing time —time to grow into your highest version of yourself, so that you can truly be harmonious when you do come together.

Plain and simple, it’s not time yet. And that’s OK. Even if you’re crying because of the yearning for closeness. This obstacle was put here so you can come into alignment with the energies of your soul, letting go of ego patterns of fear, blame, guilt and drama.

Your twin’s others person is not someone to cut out of the picture. They’re not your enemy or competitor, even if you’re envious of them as hell! And avoid the tendency to blame your twin for having this person in his or her life.

Ask yourself this: What gift is this person?

Because really, your twin is learning things, growing, resolving patterns that will make your life easier in the end.... maybe they’re codependent, have an addiction to heal, or have a pattern of trying to save other people and this relationship they are in may be set up perfectly to resolve these old issues, and as a result, you won’t have to have those dysfunctional patterns in your life! If it’s not time yet, it’s not time. Breathe into that.

It’s ok. It doesn’t mean they will be with this person forever. Shortly after meeting me, my twin he entered a relationship that lasted about a year. The week after they broke up, he went out to dinner with me, and said, “I can’t believe I stayed with her for a year.”

Me neither!

But during that time, we both learned and grew a lot. It was a valuable workshop in healing my abandonment issues, learning about twin dynamics, coming into alignment with my truth and cultivating my own happiness.

I can confidently say, that wouldn’t have happened as quickly if we’d been side by side. So take a deep breath. Take one step toward happiness. You’ll get there. Keep realigning and it’s coming ✨ In divine timing. Not ego’s timing.

Is twin flame separation draining you emotionally? I know the feeling-and have the tools to help! Schedule a healing session with me.

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