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When you Have That STRONG NEED to Reach Out to Your Twin

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The holidays and their birthday can be times when we really want to reach out to our twin.

After all, wouldn't it be so beautiful to have that heart opening connection during these celebrations?

It's important to check.... is my impulse to connect coming from ego or from spirit?

If it's from ego, put that phone back in your pocket.

-Would you prefer to watch this? Here's the YouTube video

Sometimes you may have conflicting parts of yourself....

The part of you that doesn't want to reach out.


1) You made a commitment NOT to be the one to reach out.

2) Or to go no contact for a certain period of time.

3) You don't want the drama of emotional pain that ensues when you make contact

4) You feel like you shouldn't care anymore -- even though you do.

5) You told other people that you would leave this person behind.

And part of you that does want to connect:

  1. To express real appreciation and gratitude for their role in your life.

  2. To receive validation. You want to see if they still care about you. If they respond, wouldn't that be great? It would cast away your doubts and might even reignite your relationship.

  3. To fill a hole. You miss that blissful connection.

  4. Concern for them or their family. Are they safe? Are they ok?

  5. To see if it's time. Are they healed? Are they out of their karmic relationship? Maybe this is the time to reconnect.

Which of these ring true for you? ALL of them are normal.

Explore with writing: what's underneath this belief or feeling?

From there you can journal about what is the best course of action

Now.... Making sure you're acting from spirit, not ego (hint: ego functions from fear, validation, defensiveness. If there's any hint of these, don't act.)

If you promised to go no contact or to only reach out if truly inspired (or if they reach out first), honor that!!!

Your contracts with yourself and your own boundaries are valuable. Minding those is honoring YOU. Strong boundaries create strong relationships. Be kind to yourself.


You will have to be ok with them not responding. Or for taking a long time to respond. If that will bother or hurt you, it's better to simply write to them in a journal rather than in real life. In a journal you can communicate ANYTHING, and ask that it be delivered in the higher realms to your twin. I mention more about doing this in the video

Our minds are so good at saying: he didn't communicate. That means he doesn't care. What did I say? Maybe I said something wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have reached out. That was a bad idea. Or... I'm unlovable. He never really cared. Maybe I misinterpreted our connection. These are all stories! If you're going to tell these stories to yourself, don't reach out!!

If you're going to spend a lot of time mulling over his lack of response, don't cause yourself the angst. Hold back for now, and write in a journal. You'll know when you are inspired to reach out.

If you choose to reach out….

Don't assume anything- that you'll know how they'll respond - anything!

Write out your text in a notebook, and ask if it's something really worth sending.

Ask yourself if it's from your ego or spirit.

And have no expectation of the outcome.

I know it can be hard. Hugs to you!

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