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What does meeting your twin flame ignite?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Meeting your twin flame is a life altering event. This person opens our heart in ways that no one has ever done before. Our world is blown open, finally having met someone who really "gets" us.

Life feels magical. You may even feel a little obsessed. Like they're the most delicious nectar (or drug) that's so heavenly. And then...

They run. Either by ghosting. Or getting a girlfriend. Or moving away.

(mine did ALL of these). And it sucked.

Because he was the first thing on my mind every morning. And I thought of him over and over.

I thought I was f*ing crazy because I didn't really want to be with him. While I loved him so much, he drank too much and whined too much and I knew it wasn't sustainable to be with someone like that. So I wondered WHY I thought about him all day long.

And that didn't go away!!

That's where the deep work begins.

Because the running ignites deep inner work. Journaling, chanting, tapping.... anything to get rid of the pain of woundedness. Because twin flame running ignites a deep desire to return to divine love. And that requires growth, so we don't live in the old patterns, and we step into more conscious ways of living.

Your soul knows the way. As a twin soul, you're already strong.

You're strong enough. You're good enough. You were created for this journey.

You were created for this connection.

And you don't need a $40,000 course to unite.

Your twin may come in and out for a bit. That's ok.

And your pain and worries may come in and out too.

Because there's the fear that you'll never experience that love again.

Such rich, amazing deep love.

You Will Experience it. But you need to move beyond fear to experience that.

To let go of the fear, Focus on YOU. Recognizing when you're in the ego and when you're functioning from soul/spirit.

I call it Spirit Led.

You know when you're in ego because ego fears. Ego needs to know what's going on. Ego needs to control. These things need to dissolve in order for you to have love. To have peace. To have your heart's desire....

Spirit loves. Spirit creates. Spirit trusts the process and trusts the timing.

You will likely go through waves as ego dissolution happens.

I get it. I've been there.

In the low times, it's important to use your tools. Tapping is a great one to change the energy.

Listen to uplifting things, move your body... listen to music, receive energy clearing, meditate (do this short shamanic meditation), go in nature. Doing self-nurturing things is immensely important.

And it will get easier.

As you come more and more into alignment with your soul's true essence, things will fall into place.

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