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Tapping for Twin Flames

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Tapping is a powerful tool for transforming emotions, and it's a lifesaver on the twin flame journey. Tapping reduces stress by tapping lightly on the end of acupuncture meridians. I have a full video workshop: tapping for twin flames. Watch it here

In the video, we do tapping for triggers. You might be triggered because he's ghosting, or he's said or done something disrespectful...we tap for that! Tapping is also useful for when you feel rejected or abandoned. Use this video to get you started.

The first 5 minutes explain tapping, talking about the founder, Gary Craig, and some other things. After that, you can jump right in!

Click here for a shorter tapping for triggers video

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Here are some of the FAQs about tapping.

Do I have to tap all the points?

No. The good news is, you don't have to be super specific. While tapping all the points is great because you get all the acupuncture points, you can just tap the ones you can remember.

What's the sequence?

Even though x is happening, I deeply love and value myself

karate chop point on the outside of the hand

inside corner of the eyebrows

outside corner of the eyebrows

under eye

under nose

under mouth

under collarbones

under armpits

top of the head

between the knuckles

Repeat if you need to!!

What if I don't know what to say?

Just say what you're feeling. "Even though I'm feeling sad I love and accept myself"

and then tap while saying sad.... sad.... sad.... feeling upset.... wish I felt better... my heart hurts....


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