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Should I Tell My Twin Flame that He's My Twin?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Ahhh. This is a common question.

The short answer is no.

It can backfire and it’s so useful to know the reasons!

Look at your motivation for telling your twin that you are twin flames.

Why do you want to tell them?

Usually, the motivation emerges from fear on some level.

Do you want to speed the process?

You think it will help them connect to you on a deeper level?

You want recognition for how much you love them, or how much you've been through?

All of this is from ego. Not from spirit. Spirit doesn't need that validation, or have the need to "keep someone."

When you're coming from fear based energy, telling your twin you're "twin flames" or "mirror souls" can backfire.

Read on...

In other words, it will create weirdness.

This is why

You are blessed with energy and awareness about the twin flame journey.

And when you’re in fear, you have “pushing energy.”

Your twin is more of the pull energy... drawing you in a direction. It's like they're lighting your way on a path. They have a lantern and you're following them through the woods.

They're not intentionally leading or pulling you, and you're not intentionally the "push," those are just the polarities of energies that you've signed up as souls to embody. He is running from you, and you are running from you!

Your responsibility in the relationship is:

1) to shift into alignment with your soul.

2) To love and accept yourself fully. When you do this, you no longer run from you, so they don't have to run either.

Now if you are annoyed that they are not DOING anything. They're not doing "the work-- you're not getting that that is not their job. So.... we just caught your ego needing your twin to be different.

If you need your twin to be different from how they are, it means you're functioning from ego, not spirit. Spirit is aligned with your soul.

Ego is not.

For you to come into twin flame ascension, or harmonious twin flame union, it's important to stop feeding fear based energy. And talking with your twin, telling them that they are your twin, or what the journey is about usually stems from fear based energy. They don't have to know cognitively what is going on. Again, that's not their job.

This is not a journey of the mind. Yours or theirs. They KNOW on some level that their connection with you is different. That is enough. You labeling it can make it weird. And make them run even more.

One of the things to do when you feel like telling your twin about your connection, is drop into your heart.

This will create all the resonance your twin needs. Your twin can feel that loving resonance.

They don't need to hear words that will cause them to question or fear.

The label "twin flame" can scare people away, inviting them into stories based on other peoples journeys.

Honor your twin - and yourself - by allowing them to have their journey, and allowing you to have yours.

Your journeys will intersect more at higher frequencies as you step into higher and better and more spirit-aligned versions of yourself.

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