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Never Abandon YOUR Wisdom to the Twin Flame "Gurus"

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

You'll find a lot of gurus on the twin flame journey. Popular twin flame teachers who have never actually met their twin flame on planet earth, (only on the higher realms), yet tell you stories about mascara stains on their pillow cases, because of missing their twin.

Do enough exploration and you'll find people who say they've channeled God's wisdom. including a man who has said he is the Messiah (not kidding!).

There are twin flame teachers who charge $40,000 for their programs, and have clients racking up credit card debt in the hopes of reaching twin flame union.

And there are real-life men and women who have actually come through the twin flame stages and done the inner work to get to harmonious twin flame union-- who have the agony and the magnificence of a real-life twin flame relationship.

With all the perspectives, it's important to keep your head!

If some teaching feels "off" intuitively, trust that! Even if it contradicts a psychic, a twin flame teacher with thousands of followers or a well-known author.

This is an inward journey. It's important to keep referring back to your heart and what feels right to you.

Yet we have such a habit of going outside ourselves for guidance. That's ok.

Just stick to the guidance that feels best. This could come from various teachers and sources.

The twin flame relationship gets easier over time as you trust yourself more and more. Need help doing that? I can help! Schedule a session Here.

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