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My twin flame is in a relationship already....

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

(Send me your questions. You are not alone on this journey!) This question was sent in by a reader.

Q: My twin flame is in a relationship with another woman. He says he wants to be with me but he can't break up because they are married (and she has an illness). Should I leave him alone for now, and give him time? Or go help him because he is unhappy in this situation?

A: This happens more than you think! On the twin flame journey, usually there is an obstacle (or 2) that feels like a giant hurdle. It could be a gap of age or distance, it could be a cultural hurdle or— the dreaded they‘re married, or in a relationship.

None of these is a big enough obstacle to keep you apart long term, however big the obstacle feels. Need support?

The important thing now is You do You.

What is it bringing up for you that he’s in a relationship? Is it fear? Doubt that you’ll ever be together? The sense that you can never get what you want no matter how you try? Get help here

These are all things to be looked at and transformed — and you can use the tools that work for you. In sessions I guide women with all sorts of tools— tapping, inner child work, shamanic energy clearing, and other verbal and energetic ways of changing old limitations and belief. In the shop, you can find a ho’oponopono practice that is AMAZING for releasing old patterns and upsets, and The Bowl of Light Practice which is a powerful energy cleanse.

Use this time.

And if you choose to help him, look at your motivation. Is it coming from unconditional love, meaning you need nothing back? Or is it driven by fear, insecurity or need?

If so it’s coming from ego rather than love. In the twin journey, whenever we act from ego, it has some repercussion. Acting from love always expands the love.

If there’s a sense of urgency — I have to act now or I’ll miss my chance— that’s ego. If you need support shifting into love, you’re not alone!! Many twins go through the same thing. In fact this journey is one that takes us beyond old ego conditioning into love. If you’d like some help & tools to support the process go to page one of the site, and let’s chat or have a Shift into Love session.

The twin journey is hard enough. You don’t have to do it on your own. Having someone who ‘gets it‘ makes it easier!! Get help here

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