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When You Want to reach out your Twin in Separation...Do This.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ahhh, I get you. When you want to reach out, and you know it's not time, but the pull is SOOO strong, it can be crazy making!

What to do?

First off, move that energy. Dance, stretch, yell, run. It's in your body. Move it.

Ground. Reach long cords of energy into the earth so you can actually Be. Present. Now.

Communicate with them.... on the 5D. (This is the non-physical - where you connect on more of an intuitive level. You ARE already energetically connected. Closer than the clothes on your skin.)

Take some long, slow, deep breaths, then do some channeled writing, with YOU writing a question, asking THEM to answer it.

This is one of my favorite practices that I recommend to clients because it can be so helpful and revealing.

Or, you can sit quietly and speak with them in the 5D realms. This:

1) Fulfills your need to communicate with them.

2) Helps gain insight and clarity about what they are thinking and feeling.

I know it's hard! But moving, grounding, and connecting on the inner realms can make a huge difference. And if you need help, reach out! Talking about it with someone who understands can make a huge difference, as you gain clarity for your unique situation.

Email twinflamejourney

Channeled Writing is one of my favorite tools! Look for a class coming soon

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