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A Key Factor to Get Closer to Union

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Forgiveness allows us to release the past and to stop carrying it around with us.

Unforgiveness is a huge piece that perpetuates runner chaser cycles because it keeps us in the vibration of lack. You may think, "I need to forgive my twin," or “I’ve already forgiven my twin.” Great.

Then look at who else, or what other situations you are still holding with a negative charge.

This post will explain my favorite forgiveness practice, Ho’oponopono. Largely misunderstood, this ancient practice is powerful for clearing out negativity and unforgiveness. Using Ho'oponopono with yourself, family members and on old experiences can also bring about change in your Twin Flame Relationship.

Literally the word Ho’oponopono means to set to right. Think of a cup that’s off balance and you correct its position and put it upright.

The practice alters your relationship to your experience, so you no longer resist or push against what life delivers. (And this actually changes what shows up for you!)

Often when we think of ho’oponopono,  four phrases come to mind. 

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

That's the most widely known version, and it’s a very powerful practice, popularized in recent years by Joel Vitale. Yet when it comes to this ancient Hawaiian practice, these four phrases are only the tip of the iceberg.

Long ago, ho’oponopono involved gathering the parties who are involved in a disagreement, and having them come to a “safe space“ where everyone could give their perspective and reach reconciliation.

Over time, particularly over the past forty years, the practice became a more personal endeavor, involving taking a look at one’s own part in any conflict, and releasing the memories, patterns, and programming that created the impasse.

There are several ways of doing this. 

Using the four phrases above: 

I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, is one way. This way is super-useful to use as you’re going through daily life.  Yet simply mouthing the words, without a deeper level of awareness about what you're doing, seems to have a more superficial effect.

As an example of what you're actually doing with these phrases is you're not asking forgiveness of "the other." You're asking forgiveness for your own misperceptions, and anything in YOU that was complicit with the experience you had. 

If you have something that's been sapping your energy,  the long-form process of Ho'oponopono can provide huge relief!  It brings to mind and addresses healing and clearing patterns from your conscious mind, subconscious mind and higher self, family, and ancestors as well as the person you have a conflict with and their family and ancestors. 

This process also releases negative energies from land and properties, entities and other elements that may be involved in your conflict.

It's a very powerful practice that can change seemingly unchangeable situations.

Finally, there is my favorite ho’oponopono practice. 

Less heady than the previous version,the kalana (forgiveness) hut meditation helps release anything unspoken which may be blocking your energy, and help to provide deeper insight into the lessons and the gifts inherent in the conflict. This is done by going on a journey into to your subconscious mind, and communicating with the the Being, Soul or Spirit of the person you’re having challenges with. By being guided in this practice, you both release old energies you've been carrying, and reach a new level of clarity and freedom.

I love sharing the practice of Ho'oponopono because it's created so much freedom from triggers and challenging situations, and helping create clarity and peace in relationships, both intimate, and other!  I also love receiving the many emails that come in after the class, recounting how participants’ relationships have changed, including your relationship with the chatter in their own heads!

Is twin flame separation draining you emotionally? I know the feeling-and have the tools to help! Schedule a chat with me.


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