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Cord Clearing

Cord Clearing

​Relationship cords are energetic connections between us and another person that drain, and limit us from expressing and fully choosing what we would like to choose.

Throughout our lives, we unconsciously create cords with people, (and at first, they often feel good!) however if you feel drawn back into negative patterns with an ex, or have frustration with a loved one, often it's because of these cords.

Cords are sometimes described as unhealthy attachments that need to be energetically cut, as with a knife... yet, a Hawaiian shaman taught me other ways of releasing them because if you let these go just by “cutting” them, it can create health challenges and undesirable outcomes.

In this class, you'll learn:


  • How/why you become corded

  • 2 ways of finding cords

  • 3 ways of getting rid of them while honoring yourself and the other, and not crea