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Twin flame guided meditation for healing & clearing relationship cords.

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Relationship cords are energetic connections between us and another person that drain or impede us from speaking our truth and fully choosing what would really work for us. 

Throughout our lives, we unconsciously create cords with people (and at first, they often feel good!) however if you feel drawn back into negative patterns with an ex, or have frustration with a loved one, often it's because of these cords. 

Cords are sometimes described as unhealthy attachments that need to be energetically cut, like with scissors or a knife... yet, a Hawaiian shaman taught me other ways of releasing them because if you let these go just by “cutting” them, it can create health challenges and undesirable outcomes.

The Shaman I interned with used to say, "cords are the number one energetic block I see." So when I went to a psychic development school, I wasn't surprised when there was a whole section on cords. They are a big deal.

Often people talk about cutting cords.

The mystery teachings emphasize NOT to do that.  

In fact, many methods for cutting cords don't really work.  Many give a temporary feeling of relief but not the deeper level of lasting change -- but there are methods to prevent cords from attaching and to let go of cords that really do work.

Find my whole course with 3 different cord release methods here.

Why is it a problem to cut cords?

Because a part of that energetic cord remains in your body.

It's sort of like a foreign invader, because, cut off from that other person, the energy really has nowhere to discharge to.  

It just remains, stuck, and what do stuck things do? They fester. While life goes on around them, they create blocks and disharmony.  She said that many diseases are as a result of such energies.

​We call these "machines" because they become sort of metallic and have a life of their

own. The easiest way to work with them is to find them and then breathe prana or chi into the area to help them pop out. The full technique, as well as how to find and release cords is available in my course, How to Release Relationship Cords. Get more info Here

The closer you get to the vibration of your soul, the more you magnetize your twin. I'm here to help you do that. Schedule a chat with me.

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